Thursday, December 24, 2009


We especially dedicate this site to the memory of Mr Marvin Rosenblum, Mr Gary Braut, Mr David Gellman and Mr Joseph David Weinraub for their graceful contributions to this community.

Message to all members and fans of KCCJ

Muitu Merseh!

‘Muitu merseh'; that's the Kristang word for ‘thank you’ and 'todah' is its Hebrew equavalent. With that in mind, I would like to say 'todah' for joining or becoming a fan of Kristang Community for Cultural Judaism - feel free to learn, share and express Jewish culture in Malaysia.

Kristang-Eurasian Jewish History

Malacca, Malaysia was in the 16th century a Jewish hub – not only for Portuguese Jews but also for Jews from around the Red Sea and the Malabar. With its synagogues and rabbis, Jewish Culture in Malacca was alive and well. Visible Jewish presence (also Dutch Jews) existed in Malacca right up to the 18th century. Due to the Portuguese inquisition a lot of the Jews of Malacca assimilated into the Malacca Portuguese (Eurasian) community. They are a creole community often referred to as Kristang; and their Portuguese dialect – Papia Kristang.

A number of Kristang-Eurasian families still maintain certain aspects of Jewish culture either knowingly or unknowingly, a growing number choose to express their Christianity in a more Jewish fashion since Jesus himself was a Jew and a small number have returned to mainstream Judaism. Once again I would like to say, todah! Todah Raba! (Thank you very much)

Edgar Pinto Xavier.
(Former, IFSHJ formal ambassador to Malaysia and the Far East).

KCCJ serves as a Post-Denominational & Cultural Center where Jews (religious, secular or from any other religious group) and non Jews can come together to openly discuss their differencesThe KCCJ Facebook Discussion Group serves to build bridges in order to restore a healthy, humanistic and Jewish friendly environment in the region. KCCJ is a restoration work of the Jewish Restorationist Movement - Shawlam שָׁלַם.

We would also also love to thank the many participants for their hospitality and in particular Mr and Mrs Bernard Francis for their philanthropy, warm hospitality and for encouraging Jewish life and culture in Malaysia as committed Judaists.



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